Sunday, 2 March 2008


1. The pen freak
* spent most of my uni days in the university stationery shop buying pens
* different colours always catch my attention
* love going into
paperchase and always have to leave with something :))
* not sure what's going to happen to my pens, as I seem to use my laptop/computer for writing
* maybe it's time to find them a new home, but can I be without them??

2. Indya.....
Some of you may have gathered, that I'm slightly obessed with all things to do with India or Indian. I try to keep updated with most things that are happening there through the internet, family and friends. My favourite websites are , and times of India.

My dream would be to live in India. When I was 10 years old, my family and I lived in India for a year and we nearly stayed permenantly, but my parents had a change of heart and came back. A part of me wishes that we stayed. Let's see what the future holds.

The other night, a group of us went out for dinner and I mentioned about the fall in share prices for Reliance and a good friend mine Priya burst out laughing and said that she too had read the same thing and we both need help.

3. My pod and I
* always with me - home and abroad

* electic collection of music, just like its owner
* the baby pink cover wasn't my choice, totally a friend's choice

* I once lost all my songs....but I had saved them so crisis averted....phew
* nearly miss my tube station as i'm so engrossed in the music ;))

4. The world is my oyster
* been lucky to travel to some parts of the world
* 2008 and onwards will be all about seeing the world, discovering new cultures, trying new food - yummy
* my trusty little globe guides me in deciding my trips
5. ...beverage time

* we all should make time for a beverage break
* I enjoy taking break to energise myself
* also, I seem to want to capture the moment - hence the collage!!

6. sewing and stitching can be therapeutic..
* as child I use to find comfort in cross stitching as a form of relaxation
* once I had to use four different shades of maroon for a flower I was stitching !!!!!
* my Dad suggested that I should take up knitting, so that I could knit jumpers and scarves for my future family; but the consumerist in me said " daddy, I can go to Marks and Spencer and buy them a jumper!!!!
* my little box of multicoloured threads always come in handy...
7. notebooks, post-it notes...anything to help me make lists
* I love making lists, it helps me to sort my life out
*lists equals plans
*plans equals taking action
*particularly love ticking things off my list - gives me a sense of accomplishment...hehe
I now tag Jag of Route79, Navin of picturejockey, Mpg of Mango power girl, Prashant of Chai Ki Dhukan , Kapil of Kapil’s Korner, Ieva Dan and Vineeta of artnlight .... :)


Arch at Rang said...

Wow, 'To-do' lists, India and chai breaks I am completely with you:-)))

Thanks for sharing and great knowing a lil more about you:-))


~ ॐ ~ said...

Seen it all done it all ;)

Randomizing myself is the post title about the seven thingies about myself :)

navin said...

I love how you have presented the information including visuals for everything. My list is a little modest but you can check it out on my blog.

I can understand the obsession with pens and notebooks. In my bag right now I have four mechanical pencils (there are more at home). Sometimes I feel guilty for spending money on them.

navin said...
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vineeta said...

Shuma :) Thanx for taggig me :) It was great fun reading about you- and I smiled when I read of your love for pens and all things India :) Im a travel freak as well, though I haven't been to too many places but like you I plan to travel in 2008 (fingers crossed!)

I've been tagged in the very recent past so I will take a little extra time before I make my 2nd tageed post- People will get bored with reading so much about me :)

But its great knowing so much about you :) It makes such a difference when I imagine you :)

shuma.rani said...

Thanks's certainly a nice way of getting to know you all :))

Jag said...

Excellent. Enjoyed that. And thanks for "tagging" me too. I finally got around to doing mine now: