Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Highlights from January | 10

The start of a new online project, with this post I hope to highlight some of the fun things I do each month. I found myself quite busy last month with going to the pictures, catching a play and going to an exhibition.

My week would not be complete without watching at least one film. One friday after work, I managed squeeze in two films - which I have to admit was pretty exhausting. Anyway, the photos
(thanks to Google images for some of the photos) below should give you an indication of some
of the things that have kept me busy during the month of January.

1. Daybreakers - Another vampire film which was good, but could have done so much more with the story; 2. Up in the Air - George being George - a little disappointed with this film, didn't it live up to the hype and we have seen better mid life crisis films before i.e. Lost in Translation; 3. 3 Idiots - was boring and again another example of a film that did live up to the hype; 4. It's Complicated had some funny moments, but on the whole nothing special about it; 5. Sherlock Holmes was entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed as it didn't take itself seriously and finally 6. Un Prophete excellent performances, gritty story and well paced - I thought it was very good and deserved its Oscar nomination today.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Aicon Gallery is exhibiting some works by Raghu Rai. Very glad to have had the opportunity to see his work in London - highly recommend it.

Award winning play comes to London with a star cast and what a fantastic way to start the year. James Earl Jones, Adrian Lester and Sanaa Lathan were absolutely fantastic.