Thursday, 11 September 2008


For the last couple of months I have been thinking about taking part in an ingenious endeavor called Jagriti Yatra, which could be a once in a lifetime adventure of traveling around India by train. I'm still thinking about it and have two friends who are really keen to take part too. As I was reading about the train journey and looking through the list of places to be visited, I came across the name of a place called Anand. Now, i'd never heard of this place before and so, I searched on google and found out that Anand is in fact in Gujarat and the home of India's favorite dairy producer Amul - which stands for the Anand Milk Union Limited which had me thinking about the cute Amul adverts. It's funny how you can be thinking about one thing, and then jump onto something totally random - or is that just me?

When I use to visit India as a child, I use to love eating Amul chocolates and Amul butter on hot piping rice...hmmmm....don't you just love food memories!!

The other thing I like about Amul are their cute adverts, with the chubby Amul girl and boy. They have so iconic and most people have a favourite advert. Huge credit should be given to the advertising company, who seem create some really quirky adverts that capture the current mood of the country. These adverts are one of many things that remind me of India and certainly makes me nostalgic about my visits as a child.

Classic Amul

Amul does Krrish

Amul does Fanaa

Amul does Rang de Basanti

Amul does Race
Images Courtsey: Amul website


megha punater said...

nice post shuma ,you have made me nostalgic too,atleast in england you get amul butter i dont even get it here :(
can i blogroll you

shuma.rani said...
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shuma.rani said...

Glad you liked the post, amul adverts are so cute and unique.

Blogroll- sure, that would be great.

Have a good weekend :))

Elisa Day said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I like those adverts, very charming

bindu said...

There were these huge Amul billboards in Madras - probably still are, and I used to watch eagerly for them to put up a new one when I'd pass by on the bus. They are so creative! Train journey around India - how lovely.

shuma.rani said...

Yeah, looking forward to seeing India by train...should be an adventure :))