Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Promises | New Year | New Decade

Well, it's that time of the year when we promise to be extra good and that usually lasts till the end of January or if you are good maybe till the beginning of spring ;)

I promise to:-
  • blog regularly (I think I said this last year)
  • be daring i.e. try new things
  • continue to explore new my home city - London
  • not to stress over others (it just increases the number of grey hair)
  • continue to do things by myself, even if no one can join me - their loss!
  • stop allowing people to think they know me better than I do and
  • be brave with my photography....
It only dawned on me a couple of weeks ago, that we were coming to the end of a decade. This got me reflecting on where I was in 1999 and where I had reached in 2009. There have been so many first time experiences, which have included:-
  • Finishing my studies - being away from home and getting my Masters
  • Travelling with friends and on my own
  • Worked at my dream organisation
  • Moved to London to work and live
  • Meeting a wide range of personalities, which have been huge learning experiences in themselves :)
Lets hope the next decade proves to be equally exciting and another adventurous chapter in my life.



Shireena said...

Happy Holidays to you also!
Sounds like a great little group of goals you have there. =)
"not to stress over others" indeed. we can only change ourselves. Easier said than done though right.
Exploring new cities can be lots of fun. Exploring 'new' parts of 'old' cities (or places we've spent years in). I recently did that back home in New York during the holidays) and discovered all sorts of interesting things.

Love the header photo by the way. So bright and pretty.

Patricia Torres said...

Happy New Year to you too... This sounds like a plan.. Exciting & challenging.. Hey.. you can call me for any travel plans.. I'll join instantly.. ;-)

shuma.rani said...

Shireena - I was in your fav city only a couple of months ago and had an awesome time. I was lucky to have visited NYC twice in one decade.

Header photo was taken in my aunt's garden in India last year.

Patricia - I shall take you up on that offer ;)

Rehan Qayoom said...

Sadly, I do not enter this decade with any dreams or ambitions. I have forgotten what it is to desire something. I'm sure if time has not decided to wipe my name from the face of this world by the end of this decade, I will still read books and watch films and still get invited to poetry festivals I won't go to. People will still say the same things about me, it will still be raining. Nothing ever happens here - As Alan Bennett said 'Life is generally something that happens elsewhere.' At least, I know that mine is. And that which happens to other people. I am back where I was in 2000, snobbish, selfish, whatever else I am labelled, none the richer and none the wiser. Wishing you a very Happy 2010! May it bring you all the prosperous joys of the Good Life.