Wednesday, 9 March 2011

4 days, 3 nights

Stuck in the office with mountains of paper work, but happily distracting myself with memories of my visit to Berlin.

Day 1

- Walked from hotel to the alexanderplatz area

- Lunch at an Italian restaurant

- Visited the DDR museum

- H&M shopping and bought myself a mustard top

- Return to hotel and rest (watched a couple of films)

- Picked up tickets for 7 Khoon Maaf

- Dinner at Cafe mohring

- Fabisch Bar and tried Berliner Weisser for the first time

Day 2

- Hackescher Markt

- Visited Berlin’s main Synagogue

- Techeles - graffiti place

- Brandenburg gate

- Reichstag from the outside

- Cappuccino and cheesecake

- 7 Khoon Maaf - Berlin International Film Festival

- St oberholtz for some chill time

- Ronsenburger - hotdog and fries

- Hotel for relaxation and films

- Monsieur Vuong – Vietnamese dinner

- Drinks at Fabisch Bar

- talked and welcomed birthday till 2 am

Day 3 (my birthday)

- East side wall gallery

- Checkpoint Charlie

- Cappuccino and himbertraum - raspberry dream

- Main train station and pretzel

- Holocaust memorial

- Presbleger platz

- Anna Blume for tea and cheesecake

- rest and relax at the hotel

- Monsieur Vuong for dinner

- Presecco at Sankt Oberholz

Day 4

- Breakfast

- walk to Alexander platz

- U-Bahn to magadalenestrasse

- Stasi museum

- Biscuits and chocolate from Leiffege

- U-Bahn back to Alexander platz

- walk to Hackescher Markt

- Window shopping

- Lunch at Fabisch

- Latte macchiato at Sankt Oberholz

- Taxi to airport


Patricia Torres said...

Shuma... Happy Birthday... You sure sound like you had a rocking time.. its ok to be busy with work.. isnt it??

Suma said...

It's ok to busy, but it would be even better to discovering new places ;)