Thursday, 21 May 2009

London by my mobile

It's been four years now of living in London, but still very much the tourist around the city. Here are some recent shots taken with my trustee mobile phone.

Piccadilly Circus with the lights on

At Tottenham Court Road just before sunset

At my favourite coffee place - Milk Bar - latte heaven

A very imposing looking St Paul's

Walking towards Regent's Street and my favourite store - can you guess?


about me said...

Great photos, Shuma. I guess one is always a tourist in some ways in London because there's always more to see!

shuma.rani said...

Thank you :))

Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. nice photos Shuma!! Living in London must be fab... I'd love to be a tourist for that long.. It obviously offers you a lot to see!!

Plus you can take the opportunity to wander off to near by places as well.. *sigh* what a nice thought!!

shuma.rani said...

Thanks Patricia. London is the best for coming across beautiful buildings etc.

Hope you had a good weekend.