Sunday, 14 March 2010

Highlights from February | 10

Highlights from February included going on a walking expedition (thanks to google maps) to find the Design Museum. It was my first visit and I thoroughly enjoyed myself walking around the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year.

A lovely winter's day walking around

1. Valentine's Day - It was as bad as thought it was going to be - Hollywood studios sometimes really get love wrong, 2. A Single Man - A beautiful, poignant film, with heartbreakingly good performances from both Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, 3. Youth in Revolt - a quirky, funny coming of age film, 4. The Wolfman - great gothic visuals, but that's all film it had going for it (I'm being polite) and 5. Micmacs - from the director of Amelia and billed as being equally quirky, but unfortunately it wasn't so....

I also managed to catch the

Where Three Dreams Cross: 150 Years of Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

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