Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Where is that girl?

hello...where have I been? and what's been happening?

Well, it all started in March. My landlord of nearly four years announced his plans to sell the house and so gaves us our two months, which was truly heartbreaking to hear. This news certainly sent me in a titz, as I had always imagined living there for much longer and had grown very fond of the house (fell instantly in love with it). Anyhow, I decided to adopt the "change is good" motto, any so began the perilous task of trying to find a new home not a house, but some where that I could call my home.

I called in favours from friends and colleagues to help me with my search. I managed to find a lovely flat literally two weeks before I had to moved out. My new flat mate has a cat and I have suddenly turned into a cat person (watch out for photos of Ezra)!

I finally moved in at the end of May and within a month or two of moving in, held a super summer flat party co hosted with my new flat mate Geoff. Despite moving from one zone to another zone in London, I still managed to keep up with going to gigs, seeing exhibitions, eating at new places and watching new films, which have included some of the following:

  • Imogen Heap, Temper Trap and The Gotan Project in concert
  • Caught the Penn Portraits and the Indian Photography exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery
  • Whip it, Nanny McPhee the sequel (a guilty pleasure), The Losers, Greenberg, Kiss Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine - to name a few of the films I've caught
  • Went to see a play called The Ditch at The Old Vic Tunnels (underneath Waterloo Railway Station) and
  • discovered a very cute place in Soho has serves street food from Beirut - yummines
And finally, now that I'm pretty settled, I hope to post regularly. Have a lovely summer.


Shalini said...

You've been busy! I totally understand the stress of finding just the perfect place...a home not a house as you put it. Love the window boxes.

Prashant Bhardwaj said...

So where are you now?

shuma.rani said...

Thanks Shalini - I've wanting to have window boxes for years and finally found a flatmate who doesn't just talk about it, but has the get up do it attitude that I have :)

Prashant - still in London, but south of the river :)

Patricia Torres said...

so you've been really really busy... But you've settled in fine... Good!!! Now I cant wait to see more posts... and impressed.. by all the action in your life.. in the past few months..