Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gastronomic Sunday

So, spent most of yesterday doing absolutely nothing - which was sheer bliss. Although, today was a different story. It's been a good while since I cooked at home and so decided to bake a cake and make a spiced lamb stew to beat the winter blues away.

The morning started with a simple breakfast of toast with a quarter sliced tomato garnished with black pepper and a pinch of salt.

Preparing the Bramley apples for the cinnamon, apple and pecan nut cake.

Mixture poured into the baking tin and ready for the oven to be baked for an hour or until it has risen.

Time for a cinnamon latte while the cake bakes. It's hard being a domestic goddess!

Voila - homemade baked cinnamon, apple and pecan nut cake. The house was filled with spice and cinnamon fragrances, perfect for a cold day.

Time for a short break. Went to the cinema to watch Where the Wild Things Are
Highly recommend it - brings back memories of being a child.

Back home and refreshed; and ready for the next part of the cooking. I have a spiced lamb stew bubbling away on the hob.

Spiced lamb stew with couscous served for moi....yummy!

A small slice of cake for dessert (good thing I had a small lunch)

Decided to share some of the cake with colleagues and so, have boxed up half the cake to take to work tomorrow. I'm stuffed and tired; time for bed...night night.


Iya said...

Oh Wow ! I wish I could get a bite of that cake !! Looks delicious

Jag said...

All the food looks delicious! I'm getting a craving for cake to have with my cuppa now ...

shuma.rani said...

I had a super time cooking, found the experience
thoroughly relaxing; and managed to fit in a
visit to the cinema too :)